Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hamilton Family Reunion

The Hamilton Family Reunion was an interesting weekend to say the least. On a whim, I took both kids up the day before we planned to leave with Jay's family, without Tyler. Axl refused to go to sleep in the van--we didn't get there until like 11:30 or 12, but both kids went down fine once we got there. I stayed up and talked until about 2:30 and Axl woke up at 3:30, refusing to go back to sleep. At home, we would have made sure everything was ok and let him cry it out (which really doesn't ever happen), but we could have atleast let him cry. I couldn't do that because there were so many people around. He ended up waking up Cooper and I had to nurse
her to get her to go back to sleep, which I haven't done in a while. Axl didn't go back to sleep until 7. In the meantime I called Tyler at 4:30 in the morning asking what exactly I was supposed to do with two screaming children in the middle of nowhere with 20 other people in the house and no which he had no answer. We all slept from 7-8, after which I called Tyler and informed him that he needed to take the day off and get to Tar Fork ASAP because doing tired cranky Axl on about 45 minutes sleep myself is just not an option. The rest of the weekend was a great time. Lots of catching up and pinochle. Tyler and I pretty much just swapped shifts at the creek, where Axl camped out. We have, perhaps, decided though, that in order to remember that weekend trips ARE NOT a good idea, to just ban them for the next 6 months or so. We always forget how tough it is and get all excited, only to spend the weekend feeling like our heads are going to explode. We're hoping if we give him a little time Axl will be more manageable.

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beecoming said...

what a terrific looking reunion!!!